Thanks from Sarah Plummer

Dear Joyce, Ellie, and all the amazing women at BCM,

It’s been nearly a year since our birthing experience with you and we are just now getting around to writing this note; I’ve been holding off as it is so difficult to express the extreme gratitude Matt and I feel – it’s very hard to express in words how wonderful, supportive, and encouraging you all were throughout our pregnancy and during my labor & Payson’s birth, and then into the year postpartum.

Although the way in which I went into labor was less than desirable, both Matt and I look back at the experience with fond memories that would not have been possible without you all. We are so lucky to have you around, and for your continued interest, support, and compassion. We look forward to seeing you during our second pregnancy. Thank you so very much for all you did!


Sarah, Matt & Payson Plummer